"Illuminating the Future through Education, Bettering Society, and Developing the Nation"

About HOPE

Hope University distinguishes itself as a renowned institution deeply committed to inclusive and equitable education. Driven by a resolute aspiration to elevate the nation, the university acknowledges education’s transformative might in tackling societal complexities and fostering national advancement.

Through its wide-ranging academic programs, Hope University ensures equal access for all, fostering a diverse and enriched learning environment that shapes empathetic leaders capable of addressing intricate societal issues.

Beyond inclusivity, Hope University proactively addresses pressing challenges through strategic initiatives. Recognizing that education must align with practical solutions, the university collaborates with local communities, government bodies, and nonprofits. These partnerships fuel research, outreach, and community service endeavors aimed at positive societal impact. 

By leveraging its resources and expertise, Hope University aspires to cultivate sustainable solutions for poverty, inequality, healthcare gaps, environmental degradation, and more. These initiatives cultivate a culture of social responsibility and active citizenship, benefiting not only immediate communities but also advancing the nation’s holistic growth.


Founded in 2008, Hope University stands as a notable institution, holding the distinction of being Somalia’s fifth oldest. Its inaugural campus in Hargeisa, Somaliland, swiftly garnered academic recognition. In 2009, responding to the surging demand for quality education, the university established its main campus in Mogadishu, the nation’s capital. Committed to expanding educational accessibility, Hope University further introduced exam centers across the country, catering to learners in remote areas. With an embrace of global perspectives and a commitment to pioneering research, the university has fostered collaborations with international counterparts.


Guided by its foundational mission, Hope University consistently pushes the boundaries of academic distinction while steadfastly adhering to its overarching vision of enhancing the well-being of humanity. Positioned at the forefront of Somalia’s educational sphere, the institution remains devoted to shaping a future characterized by knowledge and progress. In doing so, it underscores its dedication to the growth and transformation of both individuals and society as a whole.

Prof. Najib Sheikh Abdulkarim

Hope University founder

“The devastation of my country’s sovereignty, followed by the outbreak of civil wars, has led to the internal displacement of millions and forced countless others to seek refuge across the globe. As a Somali intellectual, witnessing these unyielding cycles of violence and the deterioration of social, economic, and security conditions has been deeply disheartening. 

My passion for alleviating the suffering of my people and instilling a sense of hope has driven me to dedicate considerable thought to our collective future. While historians must document the past, I firmly believe that the future belongs to our children. In the present, we, as willing and capable compatriots, have a vital opportunity to aid Somalia in reclaiming peaceful and prosperous statehood. 

The well-being of our citizens and the restoration of stability remain our foremost concerns. It is crucial that we take proactive steps to address the challenges we face and forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can make a significant difference in our nation’s trajectory and ensure that hope prevails despite the adversity we endure. 

This strong calling, supported by fellow Somali intellectuals, inspired me to establish Hope University. It serves as a guiding light for our youth, offering them the education and guidance they need. Through this endeavor, we aim to set our nation on the path of prosperity and development, nurturing a brighter future for all.”

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Leadership and Governance

Hope University’s leadership is dedicated to driving the institution’s progressive vision and mission, while simultaneously preserving its valued traditions, robust ethical values, and effective policies. Through unwavering resolve, they skillfully navigate the intricate balance between innovation and heritage, guaranteeing that the university advances while staying true to its fundamental tenets.

This harmonious integration allows for a seamless transition into the future while maintaining the essence of the institution’s identity. Through their steadfast commitment, the leaders of Hope University pave the way for a transformative educational experience that seamlessly merges the best of tradition with the promise of innovation.

As the highest governing authority in a university, the Board of Trustees is responsible for a wide array of fiduciary duties that support the University’s growth and success. These duties encompass:

  • The establishment and evaluation of policies that govern the operation of the institution.
  • Developing strategic plans, setting long-term goals, and establishing guidelines to ensure the institution operates efficiently.
  • The appointment and support of the Office of the President.

The University Senate is the governing body within the university whose primary function is to ensure effective leadership and governance across all aspects of campus life. Chaired by the president, this esteemed group embodies the expertise, authority, and trust necessary to make critical decisions that impact the entire institution. 

Comprised of representatives from the faculty, students, administrators, and deans, the Senate is the keystone in a larger framework of university-wide governance structures.

The University’s Senate boasts four distinct councils, each meticulously designed to champion the multifaceted interests and viewpoints of its academic faculties, dedicated students, and administrative team. These councils serve as vital conduits for fostering meaningful dialogue, ensuring equitable representation, and ultimately, nurturing a thriving academic environment where collaboration and inclusivity flourish.


Hope University’s commitment to excellence is evident through its policies that steadfastly uphold the highest standards. With a focus on integrity and accountability, the university ensures a solid foundation for all operations and interactions with external partners. This dedication fosters an environment where quality thrives, nurturing academic pursuits and collaborative endeavors alike. Rooted in these principles, Hope University stands as a beacon of reliability and trustworthiness, continuously shaping futures and maintaining its reputation for unwavering excellence.

HU For Development

Hope University’s development initiatives epitomize a diverse array of activities and projects meticulously crafted to align with and advance the objectives outlined by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This comprehensive approach spans research, community engagement, curriculum enrichment, and strategic collaborations, collectively aimed at substantiating progress towards the SDGs. By undertaking these multifaceted efforts, Hope University underscores its dedication to addressing intricate global challenges and fostering sustainable development in a tangible and impactful manner.

HU in the Community

Hope University’s commitment to community service and engagement is exemplified by a diverse portfolio of projects aimed at addressing a wide spectrum of community needs. These initiatives extend a helping hand to the disadvantaged, impoverished, disabled individuals, while also addressing pressing community health concerns and providing support to refugees. Through these impactful endeavors, Hope University underscores its dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on the communities it serves, reflecting its ethos of social responsibility and meaningful contribution.


As a nonprofit institution, we distinguish ourselves from revenue-focused universities. Our mission is to provide education for all, placing us in a unique position. Tackling educational inequality and societal development challenges necessitates support. Reach out if you’d like to contribute to HU, backing specific programs or projects. Your involvement empowers us to continue fostering equitable education and driving positive social change. Join hands with us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities we serve.