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Drawing the most brilliant intellects, Hope University (HU) ardently strives to provide accessible education for all. Our Admissions office is dedicated to working closely with students, ensuring that they have the opportunity to pursue education in their desired fields. By maintaining a rigorous yet inclusive selection process, HU identifies and welcomes diverse talents, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Through scholarships, financial aid, and support systems, the university not only attracts top-tier minds but also ensures that every student can embark on a transformative educational journey, breaking down barriers and propelling them toward success in their chosen disciplines.

Commitment to Excellence

Discover boundless academic horizons at Hope University, where our commitment to excellence spans an unparalleled range of programs. With four prestigious undergraduate schools, twenty-three esteemed graduate and professional schools, a well-stocked library, and research centers, we pave the way for an extraordinary educational voyage.

Our commitment to a global perspective transcends boundaries, as we proudly maintain affiliations with multiple well-renowned international universities. This invaluable collaboration not only broadens your horizon but also fosters an enhanced cross-cultural understanding critical for success in our increasingly interconnected world.

Why should you choose Hope?

Hope University stands as a beacon of academic distinction and graduate caliber in Somalia. Renowned nationwide, its reputation is built on exceptional education and the excellence of its alumni. These graduates command respect and admiration, emerging as prized assets in various sectors. Their roles span influential positions within governmental bodies, international entities, healthcare institutions, and private enterprises. The university’s legacy is one of molding leaders who steer the nation’s progress, affirming its pivotal role in shaping Somalia’s future.

Hope University’s degrees hold international recognition, with numerous alumni gaining admission to universities abroad for advanced studies. These graduates also find opportunities for employment beyond national borders, their Hope University education serving as a powerful credential in the global job market.

Comprehensive Review

Admission Review Process

The principle of our admissions process at HU is the thorough and comprehensive examination of every applicant. We acknowledge that no two students share the exact same life experiences, traits, or academic opportunities. Our aim is to understand better who you are and how you can add value to the diverse HU community.

With our Committee-Based Evaluation (CBE), we tailor our comprehensive array of academic offerings to match your individual aspirations and ignite your intellectual curiosity. Whether you seek to delve into the health sciences, social sciences, business, information and communication technology, or beyond, our distinguished faculties of experts will guide and empower you to unleash your full potential.

assessment phase

What We Look For

During the assessment phase in the admission process, we meticulously evaluate each candidate individually. We assess your potential development by considering these aspects:


Your potential to grow academically and personally.


If you've demonstrated strong commitment or taken on a leadership role.


Your interests, aspirations, and the knowledge gained from them.


Your maturity, character, leadership qualities, self-confidence, sense of humor, enthusiasm, empathy


Your passion for any intellectual, extracurricular activity, or personal cause.


How you could add value to HU and your peer group, and how you could benefit from your HU experience.

Financial Aid

Our unwavering dedication lies in offering education to students from diverse backgrounds and varying socioeconomic statuses (SES). Our core mission revolves around supporting the underprivileged, dismantling financial barriers, and fostering opportunities for academic and personal growth. We firmly believe that education should be accessible to all, and we tirelessly strive to turn this belief into reality.

With a strong commitment to addressing your financial needs, we provide you and your family with a comprehensive financial aid package tailored to your circumstances. Our aim is to alleviate the burden of financial constraints, and to that end, we extend the option of paying tuition fees in convenient installments.

To ensure a smooth process, the financial aid application and review are conducted at the beginning of each school year. Thus, we highly emphasize that parents or students reach out to our financial aid officers well in advance of the school year’s commencement. Your early engagement with us will enable us to better understand your needs and craft a suitable support plan.


As a nonprofit educational institution, our primary emphasis rests on need-based scholarships over merit-centered aid. We extend financial relief to students exclusively according to their exhibited financial needs, enabling them to pursue higher education without undue burden. Our objective is to empower students from diverse backgrounds and ensure unhindered access to quality education despite financial limitations. This strategy underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering fairness in educational prospects, actively working towards leveling the playing field and creating equal opportunities for all aspiring learners, thus contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.


Undergraduate Admissions

Applications for our undergraduate programs undergo review at the beginning of the academic year. This process ensures a thorough evaluation of candidates’ qualifications, enabling us to select motivated individuals who will excel in our dynamic educational environment. Early submission enhances your chances of admission. To apply click on the link below.

Graduate Admissions

We accept and review applications for both Masters and Ph.D. programs throughout the entire year. This rolling admissions approach provides flexibility to prospective students, enabling them to apply when ready. Our continuous evaluation process ensures opportunities for dedicated scholars to join our esteemed academic community.


For undergraduate transfer students, the process entails completing the undergrad application form and submitting all essential documentation, including diplomas, transcripts, and recommendation letters if available. A non-refundable application fee of $35 will be required prior to processing the application. Students have the flexibility to send the application online, send it to, or submit it in person at our Mogadishu Office.

Once received, the academic board will thoroughly review each case and promptly provide an answer regarding the application.