Leadership and Governance​

As the highest governing authority in a university, the Board of Trustees is responsible for a wide array of fiduciary duties that support the University’s growth and success. These duties encompass:

  • The establishment and evaluation of policies that govern the operation of the institution.
  • Developing strategic plans, setting long-term goals, and establishing guidelines to ensure the institution operates efficiently.
  • The appointment and support of the Office of the President

The university Senate is the governing body within the university whose primary function is to ensure effective leadership and governance across all aspects of campus life. Chaired by the president, this esteemed group embodies the expertise, authority, and trust necessary to make critical decisions that impact the entire institution. Comprised of representatives from the faculty, students, administrators, and deans, the Senate is the keystone in a larger framework of university-wide governance structures.

The University’s Senate includes four councils, each respectively dedicated to effectively represent the diverse interests and perspectives of the faculties, students, and administrators within the institution.+

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