About HAA

The Hope University Alumni Association (HAA) serves as the driving force behind a worldwide community comprising HU alumni, students, faculty, and staff. By facilitating connections and encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences, HAA endeavors to enhance the lives of its members, contribute to the University’s growth, and positively impact the global arena.  Functioning as a nexus, HAA offers enduring networking opportunities that extend well beyond graduation, fostering valuable relationships among peers and mentors alike. The association also provides a platform for meaningful volunteer work, enabling members to actively engage in initiatives that align with their passions and values. Furthermore, through involvement in transformative projects, HAA propels professional development while simultaneously addressing the needs of society and the nation. The Hope University Alumni Association epitomizes the spirit of collaboration and progress, enabling its members to continually evolve, make meaningful contributions, and collectively shape a brighter future for themselves and the wider world. Are you an HU alumnus and not registered yet?  Register here